About us

StillForYou is a group of friends with the common passion of distillation processes and technologies. Each of us started this passion individually at the beginning of the XXI century and it wasn’t easy back then. If it wasn’t for the Internet forums, which just started to take shape, we wouldn’t be able to share our passion and exchange distilling techniques ideas.

We joined the „forces” in 2008 and the first real and exciting progress was the development of the Spiral Prismatic Packing (SPP) used in the small rectification columns. The unique shape of our “springs” was quickly and greatly appreciated by the distilling enthusiasts. We are proud of the fact that our SPP is currently regarded as the best for the small reflux columns.

Parallel to the work on the SPP, we started the development of the reflux columns. Our key objective has always been to manufacture high quality columns, simply to use, that give you the unparalleled quality spirit.

Currently we have several innovative, fully automated reflux columns on offer. The features that we have developed and successfully used in our columns like the stabilizer, the Enhanced Vapor Management unit (EVM) or the remote control, have become a benchmark for other still makers. However, we have not rested on our laurels, learning, thinking and working hard to develop new solutions and technologies for our stills.

Our motto is „We are making stills that we would love to use”. That means that we carefully listen to you to deliver the equipment that perfectly meets your needs.

We invite you to become familiar with our company offer!